The lacquer ware has been made with the greatest possible care. The following precautions will help it endure for a long time.
When washing lacquer ware, dip it in mild water.
To remove oil from the lacquer surface you should only use a very mild soap or cleanser.
Do not keep lacquer ware in water too long.
The contact with abrasive powders or material must be avoided.
Lacquerware is too delicate to be washed together with porcelain- or metalware.
These are wood-based objects, do not use a dishwasher or hot water.
Natural lacquer, which is tapped from the lacquer tree, is always „alive": it needs to be kept in consistent humidity.
These objects have a lustrous and luxurious finish, thus they need no waxing or any other after-treatment.
The richly mellow tones of these finishes will last if you follow the above guidelines.



When dry, the lacquer sap changes from a liquid to a solid state which can't be softened or removed. Drying doesn’t involve the evaporation of moisture; rather it's accomplished by a chemical process of oxidation when the sap absorbs oxygen from the air. Adequate humidity is required for drying; in fact oxygen in humid air accelerates the oxidation process. The most suitable temperature is 20-30℃ and 75-85% humidity. Once dry, the urushi objects are fairly well proof against many chemical substances, provides a smooth, durable surface that seals the wooden body. It insulates against heat, is waterproof and is unaffected by acid, alkali, salt and alcohol. Handling urushi wares with great care is essential. Please, note that they are sensitive to dryness and ultraviolet light so keep them in a not too dry a climate and in a shady place. Do not use electric washing dish machine!