2 July – 13 November 2011 The Culture of Lacquer Tainan International Treechi Art Exhibition, Chon Yei Arts Center, Tainan City, Taiwan. Organized by the Lacquer Arts Association of Taiwan. I have been invited to present one artwork at the international exhibition in Taiwan. I have chosen to show a gilded- lacquered ceramic piece, the Baby- Belly- Bowl. I covered with lacquer and gold motifs the Mother-Belly shaped ceramic mold, which was created by the sculptor: Andrea Huszar.


I am happy to inform you I am invited to China to the "2011 The Second Strait Sado Appliances Originality Design Exhibition". The opening ceremony will be on 23th of November in Fujian Wuyishan City, which is famous about it's high quality tea plantations. This is why the subject of the display is the TEA HOUSE. I am going to show two incense holders. I named them ' IMMOLATE FOR THE SUN and MOON'. I have chosen the shape as following an Hungarian silver "tip" of a hat, which was found in a tomb from the 9th century at Beregszasz city. The newly created ceramic form was shaped by Agnes Lorinczi (ceramics).